We Provide…

  • Trust & Care
  • Support & Accountability
  • Objective Advice
  • Accessibility & Convenience
  • Expertise & Experience
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Guidance & Direction
  • Security & Control
  • Insight & Clarity

Your situation is unique. We have the clear vision to build your Financial Game Plan, respecting your needs including:

  • Every family is unique
  • Business and corporate planning
  • The regulations dictated by your regulatory body

We aim to understand your special situation and appreciate the diversity it brings to our practice.

Together, we will design your Financial Game Plan, addressing:


Services Eyecare Professionals Veterinarians Healthcare Professionals Business Owners Families
Tax reduction strategies ** x x x x x
Personal tax planning and preparation ** x x x x x
Corporate tax planning and preparation ** x x x x
Corporate structure x x x x
Regulatory expertise x x x
Personal financial planning ** x x x x x
Business strategic plans & performance monitoring ** x x x x
Debt reduction & review spending ** x x x x x
Mortgage management ** x x x x x
Retirement & education planning ** x x x x x
Customized investment solutions x x x x x
Estate planning, including will & powers of attorney ** x x x x x
Insurance needs * x x x x x
Charitable giving x x x x x


The key difference is that we provide you the implementation & ongoing monitoring of your Financial Game Plan needed to keep you on track!

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